FIAL aims to realise activities, initiatives and projects to promote the use of new technologies, and especially artificial intelligence, robotics and related technologies, in the legal and ethical fields.

We develop its actions in three areas:

Coordinating university research with society, in order to meet the needs of the Spanish legal system in matters of AI, robotics and related technologies applied to the legal and ethical field.

The result of the research is aimed at advising public administrations, to the judiciary and to the collective bodies that bring together professionals of the Law and legal operators in Spain.

The Foundation develops training tasks necessary for the implementation of the different objectives and purposes.

FIAL acts with the aim of promoting the transfer of knowledge about AI technologies, robotics and other technologies to society, promoting and managing collaboration with public and private companies and innovative organisations that wish to incorporate AI in their processes and activities or are interested in developing AI-based products in compliance with ethical standards.

FIAL is the observatory of AI, robotics and other related technologies in the legal field, detecting innovation needs in society and connecting these with companies.