board of trustees

The FIAL Board of Trustees is composed of Trustees belonging to the different sectors that are related to the application of AI to the legal world. We can find outstanding representatives from the academic sector, the Administration of Justice, the State Legal Service, the Registry, the business world, the Ethics and the Philosophy of Law.

Víctor Moreno Catena
Professor of Procedural Law
President of FIAL

Procedural Law Professor at Carlos III University of Madrid, director of the Alonso Martínez Institute of Justice and Litigation of that university, permanent member of the General Codification Commission and president of the Spanish Union of Criminal Defence Lawyers.

Alejandro Huergo Lora
Professor of Administrative Law 
Vice President of FIAL

Administrative Law professor at the University of Oviedo and author of reference publications on public contracts, administrative or contentious-administrative penalties. An expert in artificial intelligence and Law, he has directed the book The regulation of algorithms (Aranzadi, 2020).

Juan Antonio Carrillo Donaire
Accredited Professor of Administrative Law / General Director of FIAL
Vice Presidente of FIAL

Accredited Professor of Administrative Law, he is a professor at the University of Seville and a practicing lawyer. Founding partner of the law firm specialized in Public Law, SdP Estudio Legal. Member of the Advisory Council of Andalusia. He is the author of reference scientific publications on normalisation, standardization and certification systems, among other fields.

Adela Cortina
Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy

Emeritus Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia.

Academic Director of the Étnor Foundation.

Member of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

Doctor Honoris Causa from several Spanish and foreign universities.

Antonio Del Moral
Magistrate of the Supreme Court

He has served as a prosecutor in various destinations from 1984 to April 2012, the date from which he occupies a position as Magistrate of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court. Doctor in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, he has numerous publications on procedural and criminal matters.

Miguel Salas
Lawyer / General Director of FIAL

Practicing lawyer belonging to the Seville Bar Association since 1994. Specialist in economic criminal law and technological crimes.

Member of the Spanish Arbitration Club and the Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center (SVAMC) of technology companies.

He is a member of the Salas & Donaire law firms, of which he is founder, and the international VICTORIA ASSOCIATES.

Juan Carlos Alférez
Lawyer / Secretary of FIAL

Practicing lawyer since 1991. Founding partner of the Alferez & Fernandez Rebollo law firm. Specialist in procedural and criminal law. For more than five years, he has been an associate professor at the Loyola Andalucía University, both in the Degree in Law and in the postgraduate masters. He is currently a professor at the University Master of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences at the University of Seville.

Vicente Guzmán
Professor of Procedural Law

Professor of Procedural Law, at Pablo de Olavide University. International consultant on judicial reform projects in Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica). He has given courses and lectures in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. He participates in research projects related to the irruption of technology in the legal world, (“Transfer of personal data between criminal proceedings and administrative or tax procedures in Spain and the European Union” (CESDATPENAL). He is part of the International Network of Therapeutic Justice within the framework of the AUIP, the Ibero-American Research Network on Alternative Justice, Transitional Justice and Restorative Justice.

Juan A. García-Amado
Professor of Philosophy of Law

Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of León.

He has been Principal Researcher in seven research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, the Government of Castilla y León, the Principality of Asturias or the Generalitat of Catalonia. He has extensive research experience in the field of Legal and Social Sciences and has taught at numerous Spanish and Latin American universities and institutions.

Victoria Ortega
Lawyer / President of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers (CGAE).

Professor of Procedural Law. She is currently the President of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, re-elected in January 2020. She is a member of the Council of State, president of the Professional Union, first vice president of the European Council of Liberal Professionals and vice president of the World Organization of the Liberal Professions.

María Emilia Adán
Registrar / Dean of the Association of Registrars of Spain

Registrar of property, mercantile and movable assets. Diploma in Advanced Studies from the University of Valencia. Dean of the National Association of Registrars of Spain. Co-president of the Aranzadi Journal of Law and New Technologies. President of XBRL Spain, International Association for the dissemination of technology standards. Member of the Advisory Council of the association “Women in a Legal World”

Miguel Carrero
International Executive

Counselor and entrepreneur based in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) specialist in areas of Cybersecurity and Applied Artificial Intelligence with extensive experience in big multinationals and in entrepreneurship projects. Since 2006 he has worked in the Bay of San Francisco (Silicon Valley), where he leads innovation projects for Venture Capital, Private Equity, entrepreneurs and the academic scene of Silicon Valley, mainly oriented to Artificial Intelligence and automatic learning.

Ricardo Arjona
Engineer. Entrepreneur

Doctor of Industrial Engineering, he has been an executive in multinational engineering companies in Spain and the United States. He is currently President of Ec2ce, a technology company specialised in artificial intelligence, and BDI Biotech. Professor at the Seville School of Engineers. Member of various committees and working groups related to the European Commission. Author of papers in international journals and inventor with more than 50 patents.

Simón Fernández-Rebollo
Lawyer. Vice Secretary

Practicing lawyer since 1988, with a long career in criminal law. Founding partner of the A&FR law firm. He has taught courses on procedural law at various Universities and Masters. Expert in “international child abduction”. He holds the procedural representation in criminal matters in various cases of social relevance.

Jorge Moreno
Lawyer. Vice Treasurer

Jorge Moreno Coca has been a partner of the Moreno Catena & Venturi Law Firm since 2013. Previously, he performed different functions within the international consulting firm Accenture, in its financial services division, in several European and Latin American countries. He has worked as a Lawyer in the Madrid office of the international law firm Simmons & Simmons and in the legal advice department of Barclays Bank in Spain, focusing his activity on the bank’s corporate business and, specifically, in the Restructuring and Recovery department.

Carlos Donaire
Economist. Treasurer.

Financial Officer

Specialist in diagnosis, analysis, development and financial feasibility of projects.

Member of the Salas & Donaire law firm since 1994.